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The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Shri Narendra Modi Ji
New Delhi

Sub: Regarding the malicious transfer by General Manager SECL Kusmunda Area.

Ref: Transfer Ref No.SECL/GM/KA/PER/18/10070 Date 27/07/2018.

Respected sir,

I am an employee, working as a clerk in South Eastern Coalfields Limited Kusmunda area Chhattisgarh. I have been working as an employee of this company for almost 25 years. I am 53 years old.I have never received any kind of punishment letter, misbehaviour, warning letter, charge sheet from the Secl Kusmunda Project. I have also got the Best Worker Award. My bad day starts with a transfer letter issued by an officer Sri UK Singh, General Manager SECL Kusumunda Area through the Area Personnel Manager. I have never been absent from my entire job since the beginning of the service. My family has now reached the starvation conditions. My salary will not be paid due to being absent for a long time. My life has been destroyed. My health is getting worse, and I have reached a stage of mental depression. My whole family is forced to undergo unexpected phobia and mental torture. Who is responsible for that? All this happened due to a transfer. I am in a condition of illness due to the transfer, and I am unable to perform my duties. There is no other way other than famine or death in front of my life and the entire family today. My children’s education and their future dreams are starting to be ruined. I am not solely responsible for the absence of my duty and the eradication of my innocent family.

I am transferred to the Area Finance Department Kusmunda. The interesting thing is that I am not the Clerk of the Account Cadre. I was pushed into that Job or department, that work I do not understand at all. I do not even have a slight knowledge of accountancy. I do not have any knowledge about the main discipline of the Accounting Department such as making, processing and passing the bills of various sections. In the beginning, I wanted to tell the Area General Manager that I am inappropriate for the finance department. Nobody has tried to understand my problem. Reluctantly, due to excessive pressure, I had to work for 15 days in the Finance Department. See my helplessness or impact of terror, that without the knowledge of accounting, I was compelled to pass the bill of Crore of rupees.

As soon as it came to know that I have been transferred for a special motive. Someone told me that this transfer was done based on a party (contractor, suppliers) complaint. I did not know that the complaint was against me, or against the account cadre clerk (Shri Ramsharan Choubey), who had been transferred to the Project in my place. The purpose of this transfer was soon exposed. They framed me for their selfish ambition. So that he could set his favourite employee in the Project Kusmunda. The process of transfer was just a Drama. Why was I targeted only? I have not been able to know anything yet. But it was very important to find out who was behind it. Finally, I decided to meet the Area General Manager of Kusumunda personally to describe my problem. I requested the General Manager to reconsider my transfer. Because I was having difficulty working in the finance department. I wanted to say a lot about my trouble. When the General Manager agreed to reconsider the transfer, I became silent. The General Manager had said that the matter of transfer would be reviewed after one month. He said that my selection was done on merit basis. Now it had been clear that my transfer was caused on the instructions of the General Manager Area kusmunda.

There were many reasons for destroying my determination and moral power. As a result, I had a bad effect on my mental state and I got sick. My duty closed completely from date of 03/09/2018. I did not absent in the entire Service period. However, the absence is continuing to go on.

I informed the concerned department that I got sick on the date 10/09/2018 through a registered letter. I am not capable to work in the Finance Department. During my absence, my work was changed (Letter No SECL/AFM/KA/Job Assignment/Estb/00/18-19/1624 Dated 12/09/2018). According to which I had to do a different type of work in the same department. But my request was not considered. I saw, the general manager’s refusal to send me back the project, So I requested that Please make me a posting in any department other than the Finance Department forever through the Registered letter on dates 17/09/2018. Because I am not suitable for this department.

I again sent a registered letter to the General Manager, Area kusmunda to review the transfer on date 22/09/2018. Till now, I have been waiting for their decision. I am not habitually “Absentee”.

But their intention was to disturb (mental torture)to me. So they transferred me to the EXCAVATION DEPARTMENT (with the conditions of “After release”) of the Area Letter No/SECL/GM/Kusmunda Area/Personnel /2018/691/Dated 11/10/2018 (Which I had received on date 15/10/2018). But I did not send the PROJECT kusmunda, from where I was evicted, in the name of normal transfer. It is noteworthy that the Area finance department is not in favour of Release.

According to the General Manager’s statement, so far, more than a month has passed. I have not seen any ray of hope yet. What will happen to my family without pay? Nobody is worried about it. The attitude of management seems to be that my transfer has been done by being motivated by malice. Therefore, after being disturbed, I have to be forced to resign from the job.

Sir, I have presented all the matter and circumstances before you. The General Manager, kusmunda Area (Sri U.K.SINGH) has made this transfer the subject of its reputation. They do not worry about the troubles that occur to my family and me. In such a situation, I may have to be compelling to take drastic measures.

Sir, I am expecting justice from you. I would urge you to consider my past performances. I should be transferred to the kusmunda project from the Area Finance Department kusmunda/recently transferredExcavation section Area, where I can execute the related jobs with full efficiency and confidence. I hope you will take a favourable view of this request.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully
Clerk I
Neis No: 21494927
SECL Kusmunda Area

Copy to as above
Ø Hon’ble Minister of Coal and Railways of India.
Ø CMD SECL Bilaspur CG.
Ø National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi.
Ø Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi.

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