Thursday, July 25, 2024
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शख़्सियत: प्रो. विवेक कुमार, ऐसा अंबेडकरवादी प्रोफेसर जिनका दुनिया भर में है नाम | Dalit Dastak
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Telangana में R.S Praveen और BSP को लेकर दीवानगी, भारी बारिश में हुई जबरदस्त सभा | Dalit Dastak
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मध्यप्रदेश में दलित वोटों के लिए भाजपा का नया पैतरा, 100 करोड़ का रविदास मंदिर| Dalit Dastak
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वाह रे योगी सरकार, दंगा रोकने वाले SSP को मिला ट्रांसफर !| Dalit Dastak
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आर.एस प्रवीण को रोकने केसीआर के समर्थन में तेलंगाना पहुंचे चंद्रशेखर| Dalit Dastak
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नोएडा के बौद्ध विहार पर संकट, बौद्ध भिक्खु ने दे डाली योगी सरकार को चुनौती| Dalit Dastak
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युनिफॉर्म सिविल कोड को हवा क्यों दे रही है BJP? | Dalit Dastak
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अस्पताल से निकलते ही गरजे चन्द्रशेखर, सीएम योगी और मायावती पर दिया चौंकाने वाला बयान | Dalit Dastak
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चमार रेजिमेंट के एकमात्र जीवित सैनिक से मिलिए, द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध की लड़ी थी लड़ाई | Dalit Dastak

History of Dalit Dastak

Dalit Dastak was launched as a monthly magazine in Delhi in presence of senior journalists and Bahujan thinkers at New Delhi on 27th June 2012.

Under the leadership of its founder, publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Ashok Das aka Ashok Kumar, the magazine has evolved into a popular YouTube channel and web portal, dedicated to the cause of the downtrodden sections of the masses or Bahujans, literally meaning the majority, because the deprived sections of the society together form a majority in India.

Dalit Dastak is therefore committed to raising the issues and providing coverage to problems affecting the downtrodden masses: the Dalit-Bahujans, Adivasis and the minorities.

Prof Vivek Kumar (JNU), Shri Anand Ji, Shri R.K Dev Ji and Dr. Puja are the Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Dalit Dastak. Das Publication, a wing of Dalit Dastak, has been publishing books related to the Bahujan Movement Read More

About Editor

Ashok Das aka Ashok Kumar is a senior journalist with more than 13 years’ experience. Though his ancestral native place was in Chhapra District of Bihar, India, he has born to Mr Asharfi Das and Ms Sunaina Devi in the nearby district of Gopalganj District where his fatherwas an employee in the District Court.

Das completed his graduation from college in home town Gopalganj affiliated to Jaiprakash University Chhapra. After graduation, he did post graduate diploma in journalism from the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi, in the year 2006.

He has worked with well-known newspapers like Lokmat, Amar Ujala, Deshonnati (Marathi) and media portal Bhadas4media. As a political reporter, he has covered Parliament, Central Government Ministries and national political party of India like the Congress and the BJP.

In 2010, he got involved in the Bahujan Movement and launched the monthly magazine 'Dalit Dastak' along with Read More