Michigan based Indian Diaspora Condemn Violence & the genocide of Kuki-Zomi tribes in Manipur

Michigan based Indian Diaspora Condemn Violence & the genocide of Kuki-Zomi tribes in Manipur, India and demand Freedom Equality and Justic, Sunday 7/30/2023, 3:00 PM to 5:00PM EST at Hart Plaza, Detroit Michgan

The Michigan based Indian diaspora and the members from NAMTA, AANA, IAMC, CAPI and ICA in the United States denounces the ongoing genocide against the Kuki-Zomi tribes in Manipur, India.

Indian Constitutional commitment to the principles of liberty, fraternity and equalitycompels us to raise our voice against these atrocious acts of violence and oppression that have been ongoing for over three months where over 60,000 have been rendered homeless, 6200+ houses burned, 320+ churches burned and over 170+villages burned and decimated to the ground.

We are further pained to see videos in social media of women being paraded naked, gangraped, tortured and executed by self-styled firing squads and more. There has been an internet ban for over two months, in the region and we worry that more of these videos will come out once internet connectivity is restored.

India cannot call itself a democracy if it lets such genocide continue.
The principles of- liberty, fraternity and equality –must be uphold to substantialize.
the foundation of a just and inclusive nation. Today, we see those foundations being.

We are appalled at the apathy of the authorities, both at the state and central government level to stop this violence and protect these tribes.

The Kuki and Zomi tribes, like many indigenous communities, have long endured historical injustices and discrimination. Today, they face an existential threat as evidence of violence, rape, and forced displacement emerges daily.

We demand the local State and Central Indian government to uphold the constitutional values and take immediate action to protect the lives and rights of these tribes.

Justice must be served, and the perpetrators of these heinous crimes must beheld accountable for their actions. We call upon the international community and human rights organizations to join us in closely monitoring the situation in Manipur & providing support to safeguard the rights and cultural heritage of the Kuki- Zomi tribes.

In solidarity,
Michigan Indians for Equality and Justice


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