दलित होने के कारण छह साल तक जेल में रहा शख्स, रिहा होने के बाद बयां किया दर्द


Written by Anand Mohan J 

‘I was framed for being a Dalit, 6 years of my life were taken away from me’

DURING HIS six years in prison, he had a recurring dream: he would fly, but fall to the ground when he saw his worried wife. Then, he says, he would catch a bus home. And that was when he would wake up to reality, inside his cell at Tihar jail, awaiting trial in a POCSO case. Released last month, after a city court held that he was “falsely framed” because of his Dalit identity, the 55-year-old man — he did not want to be named — says the dreams have stopped.

“I always used to fly in my dreams. The strange thing is that now that I have been released, I have stopped flying in my dreams. I want to fly again, one more time,” he says.



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