Hey Dalits, stop duping yourself!

Written By- Sarang Bhongade

Expectations are a part of life and a very natural feeling. It is one thing to expect something from the people you love. It becomes entirely different when you expect the same from an immoral upper caste people to talk about the topic which is, beyond their imagination, ‘CASTE!’
Then, why are we duping ourselves here? It is us who are the sufferers of this system. It is us who have to clean this mess. Why do we want to put words into the mouths of people who do not want to take a stand against the caste?

Post-independence, the Upper Caste people have started doing tasks that were not meant for them, as stated in the Dharmashastras, Vedas, and Puranas. They went ahead to become teachers, doctors, artists and are different according to the Varna System prescribes them Hindu Scriptures. They are becoming your friends, sitting with you in your class, eating with you, befriending you, besides you are even allowed to assert yourself within the criteria the same sacred texts have prescribed to you. It is like a relationship Rama shared with Shabari by eating her leftover food for the fact, she stayed in her lowest rung according to the Varna system. It is like ‘LakshmanRekha’ where Seeta was restricted to cross that sacred line to protect herself. But this ‘LakshmanRekha is for your protection, or you will get killed like a Shambuka.

Like Babasaheb has said, “Why then do the Caste Hindus get irritated? The reason for their anger is very simple. Your behavior with them as an equal insults them. Your status is low. You are impure, you must remain at the lowest rung; then alone they will allow you to live happily. The moment you cross your level, the struggle starts.”

The recent controversy is the Vir Das controversy. Unsurprisingly, he puts his version of the two-nation theory, as Savarkar and Jinnah had put forward in the independence struggle. Where Savarkar wanted Muslims to live as a subjugated class, the present situation of India is the same as envisioned by Savarkar. About Pakistan Jinnah had imagined, it was the same fear, but the reality of Pakistan is in front of our eyes. But Vir Das has made some progress. He drew the Nations attention by reciting his “Poetry” in the Kennedy Center for putting his imagined version of two Indias. Perhaps this poetry had some metaphor behind it, the most awaited national movement against the Government of BJP. One is orthodox, fanatic and the second one is a little progressive. However, the toxicity remains the same.
In one India, there is pure hatred for women, where men rape them in the night. There is a hatred for Pakistan, which is responsible for terrorist activities in India, and someone who is the “biggest enemy.” There is hatred for farmers, comedians, divisions among people on the topic of Bollywood. In this India, some people listen to 75-year-old men and their 150-year-old ideas, which have soft sentiments. Vir Das is entirely correct in depicting this India, though he is not discussing anything new.

In second India, there is respect for women, not for how they want to live but by worshipping them. Now there is only one reason, why do men venerate women? Which is off-course, as long as they stay within their limits. The moment they cross that line, the struggles will start for them, in this India too.
Second India is also “Vegetarian,” which is not just a mistaken belief but also Oppressive towards the Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis, and other marginalized people. He forgot that India is the biggest ‘Beef Exporter’ in the world. This India also bleeds blue according to him, which can be true but, he is okay with the fact that the same blue team has failed and is utterly regressive towards the people who bleed for them. There is Yuvraj Singh controversy, the Casteism faced by VinodKambli, not to mention the Drama of support to the #Blacklivesmatter movement, by taking a knee, when in their nation, attacks happen on Dalits every 10 minutes, perhaps every minute, according to AnandTeltumbde. This India also has the majority of the working-class people who are under 30. It seems that Vir Das has no qualms with the fact that people are divided in a graded inequality. This India also serves themselves but, he forgot to mention the word ‘caste’ which, the Hindus are ready to serve and take pride in it every time.

Where is the difference between both the Indias? It appears that one India has mentioned in the manifesto of BJP, the other one mentioned in the Congress manifesto. This analogy is somewhat correct too, after all, the post-independent history of India is nothing but a fight between Liberal Brahmin and Orthodox Brahmin for maintaining their superiority. Both India is regressive in their behavior. Unsurprisingly, both Indias do not have a caste system, but caste violence exists nevertheless. This India has Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Parsi, even Jews, everyone but Buddhists. Is it correct to assume that liberal India also fears Buddhism and its egalitarian tradition?
You can rip apart India into many Indias as much as you want and give birth to a whole new India. The tragedy of caste and patriarchy will continue to be prevalent. Hindus can never imagine India without caste. In one India, people do not want you to talk about caste because it will break the national unity. In another, if you discuss the caste problem, the never forged class unity will be divided.

One can imagine India in many ways, when in fact, that they want Dalit, Adivasis, and Muslims to remain in their place. Both Indias want marginalized communities, But they must exist in a way they have imagined. One must not self-determine. If you do, you will be called “stooges, anti-national, footsoldiers, and separatists.” They are both and kin standing against the rights of the majority of marginalized people. They have liberated themselves from the shackles of caste but, they want you to remain in such tragedy by ignoring your problems and forcing you to talk about caste so that you can never have the liberty to enjoy your life.

BabasahebAmbedkar has stated “We are Indians firstly and lastly,” this they have understood, they are keeping themselves safe by appearing as an Indian only, in front of the non-Indian world, where everything is perfect. But it is us who are the problem who want to break this flawless India.

Written By- Sarang Bhongade


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