Bahujans of Canada wants mayawati as PM in 2019

The seminar on ‘Why can’t Bahan Mayawati become the Prime Minister of  India after more than 70 years of  democracy ” was organised Dr Ambedkar International Mission (AIM), Canada, Toronto for discussing to protect Bahujan /Moolniwasi  rights, and save  the constitution, democracy, and the nation on Saturday June 23, 2018  4:00 pm -7:00 pm at  Terry Miller Recreation Centre, 1295 Williams Pkwy, Brampton, ON L6S3J8, Canada.

More than 50 Bahujan /Moolniwasi organizations’ heads,  representatives, leaders,  professionals, businessmen,  and individuals attended the event. A healthy discussion was held. It was concluded that the Bahujan/ Moolniwasis are 85 % in India. They need a national political party and a strong leader. So many political parties and leaders  weaken the case, and do not solve their problems.

Only Mayawati is aiming at solving the real issue in India, the issue of caste and its problems. The other political parties including the Congress and the BJP have no fixed position on the caste system and annihilation of it. They have never talked openly about ending the caste system. The BJP supported the caste system and also the stalwarts in the Congress, including Gandhi and Nehru, supported the caste system. These and other Manuwadi parties want to bring caste capitalism in India.

The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) under the strong leadership of Bahan Mayawati is the only option in the present situation. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is the  third largest national party of India established by Manyawar Kanshi Ram. The BSP is a movement also, and  cadre based; and has its cadres in almost all states of India.

Prof Arun Gautam  presented  the work done in U.P.  under  the BSP regime/s in detail. He reminded the quote of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar (BSA) that  political power is the master key. The majority rules in other countries of the world but it is strange that minority rules in India .The Moolniwasis/ Bahujans are more than 85% in India. They  can solve their  problems,  if they have  their own political party. The BSP has ruled 3 times the biggest state of India under the Chief Ministership of Bahan Mayawati- one time from 2007 to 2012 on its own; and 2 earlier occasions in coalition.  Twenty-one percent of U.P. budget under Special Component Plan was allocated for the welfare of Dalits/Bahujans. Under the able leadership of Bahan Mayawati world class monuments and parks  like Prerna Sthal in Lucknow, NOIDA and others  were constructed; rural  and urban residential projects for Bahujans in the names of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, and Manyawar Kanshiram were started, universities  like Gautam Buddha University, NOIDA, Medical and other  colleges  established; and districts were created and/or   named after  Gautam Buddha, Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram, Sahuji Maharaj, Phule, Sant Kabir, Guru Ravidass, and other Bahujan leaders, reformers, and saints; constructed NOIDA Expressway, Formula 1 Track Race, and many others…..

First time a  Dalit/ SC was made the Chief Secretary (CS), and a Tribal/ ST  the Director General of Police (DGP) of the state. Strict law and order was maintained under the BSP rule. The government contracts worth up to 25 lakhs, were brought  under the reservation, and the  physical possession were given to the Bahujans for  the land allotted to them; opened first time in India the Backward Classes Development Commission/ Department; included many castes into the list of OBCs, scholarships of  Bahujan students were doubled and paid  in the beginning of the session instead of in the end;  20 % reservation  for girls/ women was made into medical and engineering college, ……..

The details of some work is as follows:

  • In Kansi Ram Shahari Awas Yojna, more than 1 lakh residential units  to Bahujans/Moolniwasis constructed and allotted.
  • Manyawar  Kanshi Ram Urdu, Arabic, and Farasi University, Lucknow opened
  • Manyawar Kanshi Ram Government Medical College, Saharanpur opened
  • Manyawar  Kanshi Ram Degree College, Ghaziabad constructed
  • Dr Ambedkar P.G.Hostels in 20 districts constructed
  • Panchsheel Boys Inter College , NOIDA opened
  • Savitribai Phule, Girls Hostel , Kanpur  constructed
  • Manyawar Manshi Ram Multi-Speciality Hospital, Geater NOIDA constructed
  • Sant Ravidas Ghat , Nagwa, Varanasi constructed
  • 1.1 lakhs Safai Karamcharis recruited
  • Dr Shakuntla Mishra U.P. Viklang University opened in Lucknow
  • Five medical colleges  in Urai, Kannauj, Azamgarh, and Banda opened.
  • Homeopathic Medical Colleges in Gorakhpur and Banda opened
  • Nine Government Colleges opened
  • Forty-one thousand constables in police  recruited

and many more

  • The BSP. rule in U.P. brought change in mentality and attitude of the Bahujans/Moolniwasis.
  • Other speakers were- Mr/s Waman Mohile of Mumbai/ Nagpur, Dinesh Ladhar, Brahm Dutt, Ajit Lear, Jaswinder Singh, Harmesh Sandhi, Suchha Singh, Balbir Virdi,  and others.
  • The presentation / discussion were done through the slides/power point.  The stage was managed/hosted  by Mr Amarjeet Badhan, and assisted by  Mr Kuldeep Madhara.
  • Good tea and snacks were provided.
  • Finally it was decided in the seminar  to support the B.S.P., and project Bahan Mayawati as the future PM of India in 2019 elections.

Writer- Prof. Arun Gautam


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