Contribution of media in bringing democracy under threat

 The definition of democracy which was given by Abraham Lincoln, if we look at it in today’s time, it seems to have changed to a great extent. BY The People has changed, now in BUY The People, the public is being used to get votes and for many other reasons.  Whether by forming some religious groups and keeping the youth busy in it, because if he is busy in it then he will not raise his voice for the job and the government is using these groups as a sheet and this ‘chadar’ to cover the unemployment and It is being done to hide its failure and at a time when demographic dividend is in favour of the country.

In such a situation, when the government does not want the young population of the country to be used to contribute to the development of the country, then by making PUBG games and Tik Tok from other countries, to Keep young population  busy and ruining the young population of India and They succeed to a great extent in doing this and this is not only the condition of the government and other countries but also the media.  For the public and to  the news to the public. It is being controlled by the government by selling itself to the government, spreading lies at the behest of the government, etc.

The second for the people is only before winning the election, but after winning the election,  from solving the problems of the people to standing with the people it has been changed into Far Away From The People.

Third, of the people government gets so infuriated when the media asks questions that as if it has tried to defeat the government, then it has changed from government of the people to off the people, which does every work with the dissatisfaction of the public only of its own free will.  So that they remain in power for a long time and continue to run their arbitrariness.

Media, which is the fourth pillar of democracy, is not showing the news but is engaging in the news and by doing all this it is fooling the public and showing what it wants to show. Lies are told on social media in foreign countries and mainstream media makes it clear, but in our country the mainstream media is lying.  People are coming and clarifying it on social media. If today’s media had been there earlier, then the Britishers would have bought it and we are convinced that how profitable the East India Company is for our country, it is the same media that raised Anna Hazare’s movement very high and  But they do not see Anna Hazare today.

Media has been so intimidated and  bought that it is afraid to even show the truth and it does not  record the news by questioning its owner, to whom it has been sold, and the news which is not in his interest.  It is shown that the media used to make the government accountable by asking questions. It has become a media not of use but of name and has become shameless to such an extent that he has no shame in selling himself and being run by the government.

Media has been shifted from commute the reality to propagate ideologies and asking questions from the institution to controlled by the government. Media is there to show news not spread fake news and make people aware what is happening around them not to make them believe that whatever we are showing only this is true that is not the job of media to make people realise that which government ideology should they support ,it is totally up to them.

Media job is to take questions from the people and ask to the government but it has been shifted from it to make people understand that should they ask this or that question or not just be silence. Media channels which are called news channels has been shifted to propagate and entertainment channels which is not good sign for largest democracy and media itself losing its essence from calling fourth pillar of the democracy.

One question that I want to ask you through this article that is it a matter of alphabets which is fearing media from government, government which has 10 alphabets and media as just 5 alphabets or something else? Is it UAPA which is fearing journalists but why to fear from it when it has got4 alphabets as a short form but has big explanation and media got 5 alphabet do not forget that majority wins in a democratic system of government.

The current media situation seems to harken back to how it was at the time of the 1975 to 1977 “internal disturbance,” when the exercises of the press were controlled. Back then, strict orders were imposed on the media houses, resulting in the abandonment of press freedom.

“Today’s media, under either threat, luring or manipulations, is not only crawling but is happily licking the ‘boots’ of the present regime and wagging their tails to appease their ‘masters’ by overzealous publicizing government’s narratives.” said Apurva Trivedi, a journalist in India who has been working in the field for over 19 years. “Not only owners but most of the journalists have towed the line, either as a survival instinct or willingly. And that is the beginning of the end of journalism which used to be in India and which ought to be in India,” he added.

India is a democratic country and media is fourth pillar of it if media becomes toxic what to do with rest of three , fourth one is which is there to take care of 3 is not doing its work then who will stand for people for their rights and Justice etc. Media has to play its  duty doesn’t it? Isn’t it shameful to sell yourself to somebody or controlled by somebody just because of money or perks, losing your essence and run away  from your work isn’t it shameful to call yourself a journalist or  media person?

What kind of debates we watch on television are we really interested to listen to all such speakers or really interested to such topics ?when media will understand that they are for showing news not entertaining people because we have more channels for that you don’t need worry please.

No one needs to do anything but everyone needs to do their duty with honesty and punctuality, speak truth, free from fear and let the democratic norms and world’s largest democracy flourish.


  1. Book: Indian government and politics, By:Dr.S S Awasthy

2) Speech on Reality of Indian media,  By: Nitish Rajput


Writer Aman Kumar is Student of M.A (Political science), SOL, DU)


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