That’s how India celebrated Buddha Poornima!

2018 Buddha Poornima, was a day of celebration and reverence as the day went by in India. We present you updates from various corners of the country where Buddha Poornima was celebrated with reverence and Dhamma values were shared and propagated.

Starting on the day of 26th April, an All India Buddhist Conference was held at Bamiyan Buddha Vihar, AmbedkarPuram, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Bauddha Dhamma Unnati Samajik Sansthan, Sahranpur, Uttar Pradesh and Metta Maitri Sangha, Nagpur organized this conference. During this10 day Dhamma camp in Bamiyan Buddha Vihar, there was active discussion and participation from participants from varied age groups. Vigorous discussions on topics such as: ‘Buddha’s Dhamma as spirituality or social revolution, need of Dhamma or Dharma in politics today, use of Dhamma in day to day life, Vipassana a part of Buddhism or Vipassana is whole Buddhism occurred.

This ten-day camp from 16th April to 25th April was abuzz with activity with teachings of Buddha being propagated through various mediums such as Meditation, Exercise, Karate basics, Vandana_trisharan Panchasheel, 3 sessions with various topics in Buddhism, Games and feedback session under the guidance of Bhante Suniti and Bhikunni Maitiya. Not only that, Bhante Suniti and Bhikkuni Maitiya took the participants for one day educational tour to Kalsi, Uttarakhand, to observe Edicts of Ashoka, also known as Ashok Sila lekh and visited Mindrolling Tibetian Seminary at Dehradun.

On the day of Buddha Poornima, Buddhist citizens of Dehradun observed a Dhamma Parikrama for world peace and harmony. Organized by Doon Buddhist Committee at Parade Ground, Dehradun, the celebrations were graced by the presence of His Eminence Choegon Rinpoche Tenzin Chokyi Gyatso. During this 2562 Buddha Poornima celebration at Dehradun, His Eminence spoke of not only Buddha and his Dhamma but also the transition that the country is going through. The transition from the times when Gandhi’s portrait was always placed before His Holiness Dalai Lama to now when in 2018 Babasaheb Ambedkar’s portrait has replaced Gandhi.

On this occasion, Bahujan singer-song writer, Himanshu unveiled his debut audio Cd, “Mahakarunic the Lord Buddha.” This event saw a gathering of about one and half thousand people.

Slums of marginalized communities at Panchsheel Nagar, Sion, Mumbai were pulsating with Bhim songs of revolutionary balladeer and Dalit activist, Shambha ji Bhagat. The man who is known for his fearless clarity, ‘we are not here to entertain you, we are here to disturb you.’ Speaking to the balladeer about his Buddha Poornima celebration he shared, “the audience that I have been performing for years is now going through a transition; a sociological change perhaps. Earlier people took time to understand what our songs were all about but now, the audience is aware of the nuances of our political commentary. Now the audience has evolved to understand whom are we talking about and what system are we attacking. Interestingly during this transition women’s participation has considerably increased.”

Nagpur’s Bheem Chowk saw massive participation from various Buddhist rallies from different Buddha Vihars. In presence of Bhikkuni Sumedha, Bhante Suniti and Bhikkuni Maitriya, the evening began with Buddha vandana, Trisharan, Panchasheel, candle lighting, and garlanding of Babasaheb’s statue. A small pravachan and kheer daan also occurred.



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